Aeronautical Engineering in Mumbai, India

Aeronautical engineering college

Aeronautical Engineering involve the activity of design, development and construction of aircraft. Aeronautical Engineering graduate specializes in various areas such as structural design, Flight mechanics and Control system, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Instrumentation and communication, Manufacturing. They are primarily responsible for creation of safer and more energy efficient economical flying machines for fast travelling. Indian Aerospace & Engineering, a leading institute of aeronautical engineering in Mumbai, India provides this particular course that also covers the development and selection of materials and equipment that are used in aircraft.

The aeronautical engineers would be working for the most guarded and expensive equipment that the investigation and development people have come up with.

Why we are one of the leading Aeronautical engineering colleges in Mumbai, India:

Indian Aerospace & Engineering is one of the leading Aeronautical engineering colleges in Mumbai, India providing state of art training on Aircraft Maintenance Engineering to the aspirants dreaming to become part of maintenance team in the field of aviation. Our Institute of aeronautical engineering in Mumbai, India is one of the sought after aeronautical engineering colleges in Mumbai, India also assist students to acquire ‘On the Job’ training in any reputed airline which is a requirement for completion of the course.

Career Opportunities of Aeronautical Engineers:

  • Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Government Defense Forces
  • Research & Development Organizations
  • Space Exploration Centers


Internationally, aircraft/ power plant manufacturing companies like Boeing, Airbus, GE, Pratt & Whitney are some of the major employers.


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