Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Mumbai, India

Indian Aerospace & Engineering is believed to be one of the leading aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Mumbai, India providing state of the art courses related to the aviation industry. Having been one of the leading aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in Mumbai, India the institute has been proficient in providing highly trained technical people for the aviation industry. It is one of the leading Aeronautical engineering colleges in Mumbai providing state of art training on Aircraft Maintenance Engineering to the aspirants dreaming to become part of maintenance team in the field of aviation.

The Parliament of India through section 5a of aircraft act 1934 empowered Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to make better provision for the control of the manufacture, possession, use, operation, sale, import and export of aircraft in India.

Hence DGCA became the sole authority for monitoring and controlling the civil aviation activities in India. Under the provisions of aircraft rules 1937, for maintenance and certification of aircraft Person must have aircraft maintenance engineer`s Licence issued by DGCA.

The field of aircraft maintenance is enormous and is grooming at a rapid pace. The approximate numbers of aeroplane’s currently in service world – wide are around 500000 passenger and cargo aircraft and about four million smaller private aircraft used for business or pleasure.

As we know that aircraft is very expensive & sophisticated machine which needs precise handling & proper maintenance of its occupants & machine itself. To accomplish this highly skilled persons are required who should be thoroughly conversant with the Aircraft and its systems. Aircraft Engineering course is a licence course approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India related with Maintenance & Repairs of Aircraft.

Institute has taken up the task to fulfill the need of properly trained technical persons for the aviation industries. As we know that the demand of maintenance engineers is always high for which trained technical people is in demand. We on developing students for the fulfillment of the demand of Maintenance Engineers in Aviation Industries.

Total training period will be of three years which enables a candidate to prepare directly for AME licence. Three years training program is arranged in Six Semester. First five Semesters are equally divided into Theoretical & Practical Classes & Sixth Semester contains ‘On The Job Practical Training only. The concept of theory and practical classes will not only develop the manual skill essential for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering but also give thorough concept of Aircraft and its systems to the student.

Looking at today’s global expansion in aviation sector the future will offer immense job opportunity to AME license holders in Airlines, Corporate Sector & Training Academy in India and Abroad. Job opportunities have multiplied in recent times since globalization has resulted not only in a number of private Airlines operating in the sector but new International Airlines have also started operations in India. Click to know more about our aviation courses.

SCOPE OF Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Mumbai, India

There is wide scope for the AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) the aviation sector is developing fast in India. It earns huge profit, so there is huge demand of more aircraft’s  as a result the companies are looking for young, energetic and dynamic – AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) in Mumbai, India. Now a day’s people prefer to travel by aeroplane, than any other means. So the number of travelers who are travelling by flights increasing at a faster rate. This make a huge demand of new aircraft’s to compensate the huge traffic at aircraft. Apart from few Indian companies, foreign companies also jumped into this sector and earning handsome profit.

AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) courses is run under Director General of Civil Aviation a part of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. It has wide scope in the aviation sector like, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Air India & many more. All these companies are eagerly looking for good aspirants pursuing aircraft maintenance engineering in Mumbai, India for the maintenance works of their aircrafts. So it is guaranteed that no AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) will become unemployed after successful completion of this course. The opportunities does not limited to India only, it extend to worldwide. So there is huge wants in aviation companies in western countries and US.

The aviation sector is functioning in a condition of acute shortage of AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) so there is huge demand of AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) in Mumbai.

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