Pilot Training in Mumbai, India

If you’ve ever thought of flying a huge aircraft by becoming a commercial pilot, now is the time to relish that thought. Today, aviation sector globally demands a huge number of aircrafts due to growing number of passengers globetrotting for various reasons. As a result, the demand for airline and helicopter pilots is increasing and it’s estimated to increase even further in the coming years. India is no exclusion to this demand as the air traffic in India is considerably increasing with every passing year. A few years ago, Boeing and Airbus, two of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers estimated the requirement for more than 50,000 new passenger aircrafts in the next two decades to serve the ever growing aviation industry and thus the requirement for more commercial pilots is an obvious requirement. A course incorporating pilot training in Mumbai, India can be handy at this juncture.

Though, the aviation sector in India is on a growing trend, there has always been a scarcity of commercial pilots in India. This can be attributed to the lack of quality pilots coming out, which has forced various airlines to look for foreign pilots. Citing this obnoxious trend which is unacceptable to a growing economy like India, Indian Aerospace and Engineering backed by Sha-Shib Group introduced Pilot Training Courses, with a sole aim of providing quality commercial airline pilots to the Indian Aviation Sector. Also, the career options for airline pilots are quite vast with lots of private airlines coming in to the industry.

Becoming a commercial pilot requires a good amount of pilot training, and Indian Aerospace and Indian Engineering acts a guiding force to the various students who wish to become A-grade commercial pilot. We provide exclusive pilot courses in Mumbai, India that help the students come out with flying colors in the pursue of their dream. Airline pilot training comprises of two categories, i.e. basic training and type-rating. Computer based training, classroom instruction, and practical training in either flight training device or aircraft, which spans across a fixed based flight training device to a full flight simulator, form part of the training methods. In addition, to undergo pilot training in Mumbai, India one not only has to go through technical and procedural instruction, but also get trained in non-technical skills such as decision-making, crisis management, leadership as well as communication.

The training syllabuses, instructors and training devices at Indian Aerospace and Engineering are as per the international standards as they are legally binding for a pilot training course. Also, recurrent training and re-qualification are mandatory at every stage of a pilot’s career. Furthermore, once becoming a full-fledged pilot all of them need to reveal their expertise in normal as well as emergency situations every 6 months in a check-flight for renewing their license. And if at all the performance is not up to the mark, the candidate will undergo a re-training followed by another check-flight. Still, if they aren’t able to meet the requirements then they stand a chance to face termination from their work.

Career in commercial piloting has a lot to offer, only if done in a proper way. Indian Aerospace and Engineering with its exclusive pilot training and other aviation courses in Mumbai provides you the platform from where you can become A-grade certified commercial pilot to revolutionize your career.